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Froodware plugins handed over to MonkeyBread Software

After many years of developing our Contacts and Calendar plugin for FileMaker and MacOS we have reached an agreement with MonkeyBread Software (MBS) to take over our plugin business. For a small developer like we are, it became too much a challenge to keep up with Apple’s ever changing software policies, and we can now solemnly focus on developing great Filemaker solutions.

We are very happy that we reached an agreement with MBS, a company that has been well known for their smart utilities like the much used and award winning ‘MBS FileMaker plugin’ which contains a ton of functions that can be used within Claris FileMaker Pro. Exchanging data between Apple’s Contacts and Calendar is also part of this plugin.
We have given them all plugin code and they are looking into to two options:
- offer existing users a special crossgrade offer to their MBS FileMaker plugin.
- continue with development of our Contacts and Calendar plugin, or integrate the functionality into their MBS FileMaker plugin.

Existing users
Nothing changes for existing users: the plugin will keep on working, you can still de-authorise and reauthorise it or download it from our website.
We only stop selling plugins or developing new versions.
All registered users have received an email with addiotonal information about what this means for them.
If you are a registered user and did not receive this email, then please send an email to

Because we want to make this transition as smooth as possible, we will keep our serial number registration server running, and will keep on answering support mails that deal with authorisation issues.

More info about MBS:

Latest news
MBS just announced they released a new version, with Apple Silicon support, no Froodware license server use, and much more, more info:
We suggest all existing users to contact MBS and update to this new version.

Below information and download of the latest and in our case last versions of the plugin.


Contacts Plugin v3

With the contacts plugin you can exchange contact information between Apple's Contacts and a FileMaker Pro solution. The plugin is extremely flexible and different scenarios of what is synced can be implemented.
Great for exchanging data with Apple’s iCloud. 

Compatible with Mac OS 10.12x (Sierra) up to 10.15x  (Catalina) and Big Sur (11.1x) - MacOS 10.10 and 10.11 should work, but have not been tested
Apple M1: works in Rosetta mode, we’re working on a native version
Compatible with FileMaker Pro/Advanced 14 (in 64 bit mode) to FileMaker Pro Advanced 19


Calendar Plugin v2

With the calendar plugin you can read, write and update events between Apple's Calendar and a FileMaker Pro solution.
The plugin supports communication in both directions and is ideal for writing events to iCloud which can then be pushed to all subscribers of the calendar.

Compatible with Mac OS 10.12x (Sierra) up to 10.15x  (Catalina) and Big Sur (11.1x) - MacOS 10.10 and 10.11 should work, but have not been tested
Apple M1: works in Rosetta mode, we’re working on a native version
Compatible with FileMaker Pro/Advanced 14 (in 64 bit mode) to FileMaker Pro Advanced 19

Contacts Plugin
Calendar Plugin


FileMaker Solutions

We have a vast experience in developing custom FileMaker solutions for a wide variety of businesses; from financial and logistic systems to sound and project servers. Our solutions range from simple iOS or single user applications to large client/server mixed networks with remote logins and web access.
We can also setup and maintain servers if needed.
Below some examples of what we made for other clients.

Contact us to see what we can do for you

BuzzM contains most functions that a lot of companies need: CRM, ToDo, Stock, Orders, Jobs, Invoicing, Payments, Reporting ((VAT, ICS and month, quarter and year) and is a multi user system where every user can have it’s own access privilges.
We often use BuzzM as a starting point for a custom solution; we can add barcode support, connect to a webshop, multi currency, etc.

Project manager

Streamlines and standardises the project resources and folder/files structure for a multi media projects organisation. 
The user is guided by an assistant to setup all project resources which are choosen from predefined templates. After entering the project parameters all appropriate documents and folders are being generated and opened on the server.


Organises the workflow of a notary office. With a maximum of 70 clients per contract, 15 different parties, up to 20 properties, bank loans, you can create any type of contract.  
All forms are filled in automatically, contracts are composed of predefined 'text-bites’ and all details are filled in automatically. Invoicing and all payments and deposits are also tracked within the system. 


Soundsurfer is a SFX database which contains the details of more than 100.000 sound effects.
All sfx (either stored on a local harddisk or a server) can be monitored with one click and can be added to a Pro Tools ® session with another click.
The system keeps track of how many times a sound was listened to, and how often it was actually used in a session.


Manages the workflow of a training facility from the initial booking to the planning of the students, classrooms and teachers.
Unlimited amount of courses, unlimited amount of allocations, pickup services, student ID cards, exam certificates, invoicing, all can be managed from within the system
Prices for low and high season, dependent on stay weeks, and a separate price list per course year, performance reports per stay, per course, averages, etc.


RelaBase is an integrated system for contact management, quotes, mailing groups, archiving and invoicing.
One of the special features is the unique way it deals with a common contact management problem:
one person can work for more than one company, can have his/her own company, and one company almost always has more than one employee who all work for different clients.
Apart from that RelaBase tracks project costs and can generate reports per month, quarterly and per year.


Allocations was built for company that manages multiple houses with multiple guest rooms.
It tracks all important info in a convenient colour coded system, cleaning services, allergies, languages spoken, etc.
Planning data is automatically generated from arrival and departure dates, and available rooms are shown. Re-allocating people, changed dates, the system is as flexible as needed. Invoices and costs are tracked within the system.


This application uses the Mailit plug in® from Dacons, and automates e-mailings of text or html from Filemaker
The e-mail addresses in the database can originate from 3 sources: from an existing Filemaker database, from Apple's Contacts (either a selection or all), from pre-selected mailboxes in Apple® Mail.
MailingList scans the latter two for new e-mail addresses or cancellations automatically.


A special tool for a company that already worked with an extensive but old fashioned financial system. 
We made a solution that runs stand alone on iPads (no internet connection needed) which all sales reps use to sell and invoice and enter payments while on the road. (a mobile printer is in each car so each sales rep can print invoices and payment receipts)
In the evening the data of the iPads is gathered and consolidated, and then converted to a format that their financial system can process. 


Investments manages the portfolio of a large financial firm specialized in investment management.
All investments, funds, lump-sums, underlying funds, monthly payments are tracked by the system in multiple currencies.
For their employees it calculates commissions, keeps a track record, contains a calendar for planning, todo, performance reports and a system that projects the profitability of the current investments to the future.
This system is optimised for remote login as their employees work in different areas.

Loan Platforms

Loan Platforms manages the finances of several online peer to peer loan platforms.
The raw data downloaded from the web is converted into one uniform format which is then processed for loan and payments tracking, risk profiling, loan efficiency.
The system caters for many different interest methods and creates extensive liquidity forecasting reports in multiple currencies.  


Toolsbase is a planing, invoicing and contact management system for a company specialized in personal development trainings.
The heart of the system consist of a tailor made course planning module and is combined with special graphics to display the interaction between the participants.
last but not least there is an extensive graphical statistic module to display all training results.

Contact and about us


Froodware develops FileMaker database systems for Mac, iOS and Windows, and FileMaker plugins for the Mac. 
Having worked with FileMaker since 1993 we have a vast experience in building user friendly, easy to use systems for a wide variety of businesses

FileMaker database design

We offer both 'off the shelf' solutions as well as custom built systems.
An interesting option is the hybrid solution, where our starting point is one of our standard solutions which can be customized to better suit your needs.


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Daniel Talma: +31 620 097 863 
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3531 HM Utrecht, the Netherlands

The name Froodware comes from the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy dictionary.
A Frood is:
1. Really amazingly together guy,
2. A person who really knows where his/her towel is.