FileMaker Pro Plugins & Solutions


Froodware has been developing FileMaker solutions since 1993, and during those years we noticed that a lot of companies need the same basic functionality. So we decided to make someting universal, with all the basic needs of most companies; crm, quotes, orders, jobs, invoicing, vat reports, fiscal reports, stock, etc. We called it BuzzM, and we obviously use it ourselves as well.

We offer BuzzM for free for single use, and the idea is that BuzzM serves as a base for further customisation. This means you got a headstart, all the basic features are already there, you just need to pay for any further customisation you might need. Below an overview of everything BuzzM offers right out of the box.
BuzzM is designed for multiple users, and even in the single user version you can work with multiple user logins and privilege sets.



The place to keep all the people and companies you work with. Clients, suppliers, everybody’s details can be stored here. These can then be used to assign invoices, jobs, payments etc.


To Do

The reaction of most clients to this simple module is the same: I didn’t know I needed this, but now I can’t do without. It does what it says, you can keep everything you need to do here, but because ToDo’s can be linked to people and documents, it is a powerful tool to improve your companies workflow. 



In Items you enter all the stuff you sell. This can be real items like guitars or tools, but also hours, or travelling fees. You can enter margins, purchase and sales prices, stock and vat codes. Items can be expanded in many ways, barcodes, QR codes, multi currency, etc. 



No company can do without quotes, and this is a special one. With up to 8 parapgraphs, super flexible sub and totals engine this is a quote power house! And the best thing: if a client confirms a quote, you can transfer (part of)  the quote to an order with just two clicks. 


Purchase Orders

This one does what it says, you can manage all your purchase orders here. 


Purchase Invoices

Purchase invoices can work in tandem with Orders, but also independent. You can transfer (part of) an order to an invoice, or create purchase invoices directly here. Obviously there overviews with aged creditors and totals due. 


Sales Jobs

All your sales activities can be managed from this module. If you’re a consultant you can track your hours and activities, if you’re a shop or turnkey provider then you can setup your projects here. You can define different kinds of jobs if needed.  


Sales Invoices

Once a Job is done, it needs to be invoiced. Just like purchase invoices you can transfer (part of) a job to a sales invoice but you can also create invoices without creating a job first. Total due, reminders and aged debtors overview are all included.



BuzzM is a complete financial package too. In the payments module you can manage all money that goes in, and goes out. Deposits, invoices payments, direct costs, all payments in one easy to use screen. You can define as many payment books as you need, cash, bank, etc.



No financial system can do without Reports, and this one generates all the reports a company needs. Profit and loss, vat, intra community supplies (EU) sales totals, compare with previous years, etc. And all these reports can subtotal any combination of months or quarters.
No need for other bookkeeping software!



Here you can customise BuzzM and setup all accounts, vat, labels, print details, backups, preferences, default mail and order texts,  etc.
You can also define multiple users here, and setup privileges and access of each user. 
You can also customise your print layouts.



BuzzM stands for Buzz Modular, the succesor of our previous company solution -Buzz-. Modular means that we made every module in such a way that it is easy to add or change features to your specific needs. We adapted BuzzM for other clients in many ways. Feel free to ask us what BuzzM can do for you.


Is BuzzM available for iOS?
No, although it might work on iOS, we didn’t properly test it, and we didn’t optimise the screens for iOS. In case of emergency you could do it, but we don’t guarantee it. But if you would like to have BuzzM on iOS, we can of course customise it for you.

I do not need customisation, can I stil get a single user BuzzM for free?
Yes you can. We obviously hope that you will like it so much that you’ll come back for more features.

I cannot find the download button for the free version
We didn’t put it as a download on our website because we like to know who uses BuzzM, but you can ask for a copy by mail.

I want to use BuzzM on a network with more users, is that possible?
Yes, we charge 99 Euro per extra seat for BuzzM. For the rest BuzzM was developed with multiple users in mind, so it wil work fine. 

What kind of customisation do you offer?
Well, basically anything. As long as we can make it, we’ll do it. To give you some examples of what we did for other BuzzM users:
Barcode support, QR code support, multi currency support, two way connection with a web shop, (current stock, pricing etc, from BuzzM to the webshop, and orders from the webshop automtically written back to BuzzM. Expanded quote module, multiple stock locations, expanded job module with travelling, hours, weekend charges, etc.
But we can also add a totally new module, if you need functions that are not covered by the modules listed above. 

Can I use BuzzM in FileMaker for Windows?
We’ll be honest, we’re more Mac people than Windows, but we have several clients using Windows machines, so no problem. The only thing is that the graphics are optimised for MacOS, and that means that in Windows some lables might look slighty off. If that bothers you, we can spend a couple of hours to make it look great in Windows. 


If you like to know more about BuzzM, then feel free to drop us a line: daniel -at-

The name Froodware comes from the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy dictionary.
A Frood is:
1. Really amazingly together guy,
2. A person who really knows where his/her towel is.