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Calendar plugin

With the iPhone, iPad and iCloud services the need for a good connection between the Apple Calendar and your FileMaker solutions is becoming more and more important. That’s why we developed the Froodware Calendar plugin for FileMaker Pro, a plugin that enables you to synchronise events between the Apple Calendar and FileMaker.
Create, edit and delete events in both applications, also supports recurring events. The download includes a set of FMP examples to get you started.


What can you do with this plugin?

- Copy (ranges of) events from the Calendar to FileMaker pro or vice versa.
- Support for recurring events.
- Use is not limited to syncing calendars, you can also use the plugin to write FileMaker deadlines, reminders or rental periods to your iCloud calendars.
- Available as site license with a maximum of 10, 25, 50, 100 or unlimited authorisations!
- you can use one serial number/name combination for all authorisations up to the maximum of the purchased license.
- Also available as a bundle with the contacts plugin.

Latest version: 2.01 
Compatible with Mac OS 10.12x (Sierra) up to 10.15x (Catalina) and Big Sur (11.1x) - MacOS 10.10 and 10.11 should work, but have not been tested
note for Catalina: because our installer is not “notarised” yet, you have to open the installer by right clicking it, and then choose Open.
Compatible with FileMaker Pro/Advanced 14 (in 64 bit mode) to FileMaker Pro Advanced 19 

Please check out our FAQ below

Try before you buy

One of the most asked questions is: ‘so once I install the plugin then I can exchange all my events?’ Unfortunately not. You need to be a reasonably seasoned FileMaker programmer to be able to make a connection between FileMaker and Apple’s Calendar. We tried to make it easy for you, and in the download you’ll find many examples ranging from simple to complex. Often you can copy the code in these examples and then modify it where needed. We also included a very thorough manual that explains how Apple’s Calendar works and how you interact with it from FileMaker. All our plugins are fully functional in demo mode for 30 days. So if you’re in doubt then first download and install without purchasing. Once you’re sure that you can implement the plugin you can purchase a license.

In the webshop you can find all prices. We offer single user licenses as well as discounted licenses for 10, 25 50, 100 or unlimited users. You also get a discount if you buy a larger quantity of one license kind. The difference between 10 single user licenses and 1 ten-user license is that the ten-user license will have one serial number that you can install 10 times, while 10 single user licenses each come with their own serial number. The latter can be interesting for developers who want to sell our plugin included in their solution.

This button will initiate the download of the Calendar plugin installer.
Included in the download are the manual and a set of FileMaker Pro examples ranging from simple to complex interaction. You can use these as a starting point for your own solution. The download works fully functional for 30 days in demo mode. After that you need to enter a valid license. You can purchase a license from within the FileMaker application.

Italian manual

An enthusiastic Italian user of our plugins translated our manual into Italian. We cannot verify it, but it looks really good! Thank you Franco Grazia!
You can download it here

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest version of the calendar plugin?
You can always find the latest version in the plugin section of our website.

Is there a version of the calendar plugin for my Windows PC?
No, and we do not have any plans yet to make one.

The plugin does not seem to work in OSX 10.9 or higher
Well, it does work, but you need to give FileMaker access to the Apple calendar. You can do so by going to your System Preferences-> Security and Privacy and add FileMaker Pro to the list of applications that is allowed to access the calendar.

Do you offer discounts for larger quantities?
To apply for a discount you can either enter a larger quantity for the single user version or buy a site license. A site license has the same registration info and serial number for all instances, While purchasing a larger quantity of the single version will give you a different serial per instance for a lower price.

Can I use the calendar plugin with iCloud?
Yes, our tests show that the plugin works OK with events stored on iCloudsome things you should know when you're planning to do that: 
1 when you convert a local calendar to iCloud, all UIDs ( the calendar serial number that connects each event to your FileMaker solution ) will change. This will only happen once, so if you are already syncing with iCloud this does not apply to you.
2 If you start afresh we suggest you first link your calendar to iCloud, and then sync your calendar with your FileMaker solution. If you already established links between FileMaker and your calendar and you haven't synced to iCloud yet the solution for this problem is to store the serial numbers (UIDs) from your FileMaker events in the calendar and always search for that serial number when you want to exchange data with the calendar.

Can I use the calendar with CalDAV accounts?
Yes, our tests show that the plugin works OK with contacts stored on a CalDAV server the same complications and solutions described in the previous question apply.

Can I use the calendar plugin in a multi-user FileMaker database?
Yes, you can use the calendar plugin in a multi-user FileMaker database. Each client needs a separate licensed copy of the calendar plugin. For more information see the FAQ about site licensing. Technically speaking the complications described in the FAQ about iCloud apply: the UIs for each users' calendar events will differ.  To tackle this problem you have several options:
1  store the serial number from your FileMaker events in the users' Calendar and always search for that serial number when you want to exchange data with the calendar. This method will also 'survive' turning iCloud on.
2 store several UIDs for each FileMaker contact in your database.
3 maintain a separate table in your FileMaker database that stores the UIDs for each user.

Do you have site licenses, and what about authorisation in a multi-user environment?
You can buy site licenses from the Froodware website that use one serial number for 10, 25 , 50 and 100 seats, and there is an unlimited license available. Authorisation of  each copy can be scripted ( examples of this are included in the installation package ) and as of FileMaker 12 the installation of the plugin can be done automatically.

Can I use the Calendarplug-in as a 'server side' plugin on FileMaker server?
No, though technically speaking the plugin can run on FileMaker server, the Mac OS user account that actually runs FileMaker server is 'fmserver' which has no Calendar, so there is no calendar to exchange data with. However, there are ways  around this. One option is to run a FM client on the server, and schedule a script to exchange events between FM and the Calendar on the server. From there it can be synced with iCloud, and shared with other Calendar users. 

I don't have much experience with programming in FileMaker. Will the plugin automatically sync my FileMaker events with my calendar?
No, the calendar framework is complicated and syncing data is complicated, so you will need to be a reasonably seasoned programmer to work with the plugin. The calendar comes with a wealth of examples and comprehensive manual though, so a serious programmer can certainly achieve good results.

I just want to be able to copy events from my FileMaker solution to my calendar?
Yes, with a little bit of copying from the provided examples you can achieve a lot!

Upgrade info for existing users of the Calendar plugin V1

With version 1.15 64 bit compatibility (needed for FileMaker 15) was added, but for the rest the functionality remained the same.
Therefor no upgrade is needed, you can just download the latest installer and your existing serial number will remain working. 

The name Froodware comes from the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy dictionary.
A Frood is:
1. Really amazingly together guy,
2. A person who really knows where his/her towel is.

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