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FroodboX - the FileMaker Breakout box

Wouldn’t it be great if you could control hardware from your FileMaker solution, or the other way around, have hardware execute FileMaker scripts and actions?
We just made this possible! We’re proud to present our latest product, the Froodbox. Now you can control machines, switch lights on and off, lock or unlock doors, trigger anything that has a power plug from a FileMaker solution.


What can you do with this box?

Our standard FroodboX contains 4 relais, capable of switching 250VAC/10A - 30VDC/10A. The Froodbox has it’s own power supply and connects to your network with ethernet.
Once set up, you can use simple commands in FM to open and close relais. As an extra option you can add 4TTL inputs and 6 analogue inouts (10 bit 0-5V)
The FroodboX comes with a switching power supply (110-240V 50/60Hz) 

Case Study - a FroodboX example

Click here to read a case study of the FroodboX



This is our first hardware product. And we have no idea how popular it will be.
Instead of offering it in a webshop we ask anyone interested to send us an email. We can imagine you have some questions before you want to buy. Please feel free to drop us an email. 

Then, also depending on the demand, we’ll let you know how we proceed.

The price for the standard FroodboX is Euro 299 ex VAT plus shipping. 

The FroodboX with the  extra TTL and analogue inputs is Euro 499 ex VAT plus shipping.


Frequently Asked Questions

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The name Froodware comes from the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy dictionary.
A Frood is:
1. Really amazingly together guy,
2. A person who really knows where his/her towel is.